Hennis’ Benghazi: Recent Dutch Politics Mirror Clinton Witch Hunt

By Constantijn van den Hoorn | October 16, 2017

Dutch Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis resigned her post on October 3rd, 2017 after a debate on the results of the Safety Board concerning two killed soldiers in Mali. 

The Safety Board issued its findings about an incident on June 6, 2016, when a mortar killed two soldiers and gravely injured a third. It concluded that the ministry, led by Hennis, had let safety and medical standards slip in favor of pursuing strategic goals. The Dutch, who initially provided Apache helicopter squadrons to the Mali peacekeeping mission, are winding down their contribution, with troop numbers expected to drop to roughly 300 this year.

A spotless career
Everywhere Hennis has worked, be it European Parliamentarian in Brussels or Riga, she will soon be regarded as a talent. Also within the VVD, she was soon labeled as a guaranteed success. At the last parliamentary elections, she was the number two of the Liberals: immediately after Mark Rutte on the electoral roll. It delivered her 148,431 preferred votes, enough for almost two seats. Now with the Maili debacle, she resigned her post and vowed not to come back as a Minister in the new Dutch government. She will return however as a member for the VVD in the Dutch parliament. 

Didn’t I see this before?
In October 2015, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then-presidential candidate, was summoned in front of a congressional hearing by some eager GOP member who thought they could kill Clinton’s presidential chances by drumming up some newly found evidence, that later turned out to be fruitless. The hearing was a miss for the GOP as Hillary was praised for her performance and was seen as a clear winner against Republicans. Republicans such as Trey Gowdy, a highly experienced former South Carolina prosecutor, who failed to lead former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton down the path of political destruction he and fellow Republicans undoubtedly envisioned. 


Hillary Clinton leaves the congressional hearing on Benghazi
Reporters capture Hillary Clinton at the beginning of her testimony
Jeanine Hennis leaves the parliament after resigning her post
Reporters surround Jeanine Hennis before the debate

Lock Her Up
Apparently, the Dutch opposition and the Dutch media took a page out of the “How to handle successful women and kill their chances for dummies” book from their American counterparts. This could be the start of the Americanisation of Dutch politics and how the Dutch media handles and covers politics. Witchhunts are in and so is apparently blaming women for all the problems in the world. 

​But, but her emails…