Not Going Anywhere: Hillary Clinton's New Book on the 2016 Election

By Constantijn van den Hoorn | October 25, 2017
Hillary Clinton released her memoir on the 2016 election called ‘What Happened’. The book is a clear insight in what went though the mind of the 2016 Democratic nominee for President of the United States. In this article we review the book and how American media responded to Hillary in her own words.

What Happened

People have been writing about the 2016 election since 2015 and it is always refreshing the read an actual account of someone who was actually heavily involved in the process.

‘Back up, you creep’

The 2nd presidential debate with Donald Trump came to light in one chapter in which she describes the moment where Donald Trump stalked her on the stage like they were in the first 20 minutes of the cult classic Jaws.