A Small Guide to Become Less Bored During the Pandemic

By Chloë Zoer | May 2, 2021

I assume this article does not need an introduction, since the title already says enough about it. Give your currently boring life a little twist with these three activities!

Dress up nicely
Now I know this one seems annoying. What is the point of putting on your fanciest clothes when you are not going anywhere right? You might visit your best friend, but they are running around in their PJs all day as well. I have been through this exact phase, but at a certain point you just get tired of not putting an effort into your appearance. Honestly, it sounds like a dream to not have to worry about the way you look, and it certainly is for a while, but I personally experienced that at some point you are going to start feeling bad about it. You just do not feel so good about yourself and your appearance anymore. So, trust me when I tell you that dressing up nicely and putting on some make-up (if you normally wear it), even if you are not going anywhere that day, will give you a positivity boost. It is good for your self-confidence and mental health – you will feel like the king or queen of the world again!

Read a book
I figure that a lot of you are students like me. So, time for a book next to all the reading materials for your studies? Hell no. But let us be honest with ourselves here: the pandemic gave us more spare time than we usually have, and the spare time that we usually have is always spent on visiting friends, family, going out and going on vacation. And right now, that is not possible, at least not to such a large extent, because of all the regulations. Many of us spend our spare time watching movies and TV shows, as do I. And although that is one of the best activities on planet earth, doing it too often results into boredom. Yes, it is possible to get bored of your favorite TV shows (or at least if you constantly binge watch them like I do). Anyway, buy a book! Preferably one that does not relate to your studies. I just bought myself a German thriller about the drastic political consequences that derive from climate change, Der Neunte Arm des Oktopus, as a distraction from all the English reading materials I have (but I do not recommend a German book if it is not your first or second language lol). Alternate between reading and watching your favorite stuff, it keeps both of those activities from becoming boring any time soon!

Go for a walk
Yes, just like the rest of the world. This one is an incredible cliché, but it is a good one. It kills time, it burns calories, it makes you discover places in your own country that you did not know existed. Additionally, it just really calms your mind and relieves you of stress. Going outside and breathing some fresh air really does do wonders. And if you are not a big fan of walking, which I can imagine some of you are, then just go for a “blokje om” as we say in Dutch. I.e., go for a short stroll around the neighborhood.