Guest Writing

Our guest writers include students from E Pluribus Unum or the American Studies Bachelor and Master Programmes. Everyone is welcome to submit new articles, both journalistic-style articles (more informal) as well as academic essays. If you are particularly proud of an academic essay that you have written for your bachelor/master programme, or the Netherlands American Studies Review,  you can submit it as well with a mentioning of the previous publication (to prevent plagiarism).

In principle we accept all guest writers, unless there are more than five applications for one edition. Then we will spread the contributions. Our editions are published once every 6 weeks. Sometimes editions have a theme for the articles published that month. Then your topic has to either fit that edition’s theme, or be published one month later. Either way, we will do our best to publish your article as soon as possible. We welcome everyone to contributing and look forward to receiving your articles!

These people are past guest writers:

(Some have eventually become part of ASH Boards)






Gijs Hopman 

Skylar Lettius

Lotta Stam

Iris Marissen

Anne Zomer

Emma Wijers

Daniël Theelen

Dominic Kruize

Chloë Zoer

Sheila Slofstra 

Kelly van Hienen

Thymen Wijma

Laurien Deurwaarder

Merlijn Priester

Jan de Vries

Rebecca Heuvelmans

Hanne Nijtmans

Constantijn van den Hoorn 

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