About ASH

The American Studies Herald (ASH) is E Pluribus Unum very own magazine! It is a place where you can get inspiration, get fascinated by a topic and read casually or produce content actively! The ASH offers you an opportunity to develop your research skills and to work on different kinds of articles. When you become an ASH-editor you get to be part of a team that works closely together and gives each other feedback on their writing. This will lead to a vibrant and active website, covering recent affairs as well as topics of preference. Don’t want to write on a weekly/monthly basis? You can also become a freelance writer and send in articles for reviewing!

ASH will have one main editor each year. The other members of the editorial staff are this year’s permanent writers and will also check each other’s articles for spelling mistakes, referencing mistakes and structural mistakes. They will also do this for guest writers (or freelance writers) from EPU that would like to publish their articles in the herald. The ASH committee does not have a strict organizational structure, which further consists of a web editor, the main writers and sometimes extra editors. If you are a member of EPU and would like to publish your own article, again: don’t hesitate to contact our ASH members!