ASH Member and Writer | 2021-2022

Elias Treumann - He/him

Hi, my name is Elias Treumann and I am 20 years old. I am a first-year student coming originally from the small town of Weimar, Germany. If you can not find me in my new home in an international student house in Groningen, I am probably using my spare time swimming or cycling and running around this great city I get to call home now since September of this year.

Having attended an international school in Germany, I was able to discover and develop my natural understanding of language and writing early on, which led me to choose American Studies as a field of study requiring just that (although the fact that I do not have to do any maths here helped the decision a lot as well). I look forward to writing some great articles about the politics and cultural aspects of American society as well as throwing in some more light-hearted topics, as the American news tend to be a rather sombering experience in recent times. Let’s make this an exciting year for the ASH and EPU!

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