ASH Member and Editor-in-Chief | 2022-2023

Eline Santema - She/her

Hi everyone! My name is Eline Santema and I will be this year’s editor in chief for the ASH committee. I’m a third year AS bachelor student, and I’m currently doing a minor in sociology. Until now, most of the things I’ve written are either fiction (I’m writing a romance novel) or academic essays (you know, American Studies), and I am very excited to broaden my experience to the writing of informational and argumentative articles. I see the ASH as a place for people to develop their writing skills and (further) discover their love for writing. I hope that all (guest) writers of the ASH this year will grow by stepping out of their comfort zone and trying out new things.

From me, you can primarily expect articles about popular culture, politics, and sociology (maybe even all at the same time). Maybe I’ll even make a podcast episode sometime! Who knows? The ASH world is our oyster, after all.

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