ASH Member and Writer | 2022-2023

Frouke Prüst - She/her

Hi all! I’m Frouke Prüst and I’m currently in the first year of the BA American Studies. I moved from Hoofddorp to Groningen last September and I’m absolutely loving it here. I am very happy to be joining the ASH this year. Writing has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I’m happy to be giving it a purpose in our online magazine. I am a very passionate person, highly driven by politics. I try to voice my opinion and ideas through writing and one day hope to fulfill my dream of becoming a journalist. After completing an exchange year in Argentina, Latin-America has become a big field of interest for me. Explaining the choice of my studies, the United States has always fascinated me as well. Oh, and you might also catch me writing some poetry once in a while. By taking on conversations with people, researching, writing, and sharing new stories, I ultimately hope to reach more souls and add my piece to making this world a slightly better place. Thanks for reading our magazine!

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